We think great food is the heart of every great celebration.

We believe in producing healthy, beautiful, and delicious food. Creative menu design distinguishes us, and we craft custom menus around your tastes, the seasons, and our most delicious offerings.


Designing the menu for your wedding reception might seem like a huge task, especially if you’re trying to accommodate different food tastes. But it’s easy for us because this is what we love. We listen to what you have in mind, and present you with possibilities—embellishments and suggestions you may never have considered. There will be something for everyone, and even conservative eaters will savor traditional foods prepared in new ways.

With over thirty years of experience in catering weddings, you can relax at your reception knowing that we are taking care of the details.


I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to hear what you envision for your event. While discussing menu ideas, I will share samples of hors d’oeuvres and sweets to provide a sense of my culinary style.


We believe that food should taste even better than it looks, and our goal is always to surprise and delight your guests. The intimacy of our service, and the small, elegant touches are what give us our signature style.

Are you dreaming of a bountiful buffet? Charming
family style service? Explore our services and
sample menus to see what we can do together!

Our Services



All of our cakes are made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients. Bring us your ideas for the cake you want, and we’ll see if we can make your dream cake come true.

Want to get creative? We love crafting special dessert tables with an elegant array of sweets and a small wedding cake as the center piece.

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Wedding Venues


Our team works with many beautiful and unique venues in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. From elegant to rustic, no matter the size of the party, there is a perfect venue for your event. We’re happy to help you find the perfect space to make your party memorable and delicious.


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