“I know the groom doesn’t post wedding reviews very often but this was such a good experience I wanted too.

Our first few meetings with the big caterers in town weren’t what I was expecting. There wasn’t much enthusiasm and they only seemed concerned with price. Most of them said we couldn’t try the food until we had put down a deposit and then we would have to pay for the small portions of food we actually tried. It wasn’t a terrible experience by any means it just wasn’t quite what I had expected.

When we met with Cynthia I could tell she was different. She had tons of appetizers and desserts for us to try but that was only a small part of it. We started brainstorming different menu options and she was genuinely excited bouncing ideas back and forth! One of my big worries in the beginning was that whoever we chose would “check out” once they had our money and just mass produce a bunch of food. We could see Cynthia was very passionate about food and would take great pride in her work which alleviated all of my concerns.

As for the wedding day, the food was bright, beautiful, and most importantly delicious!! We missed out on cocktail hour because of pictures and I was heart broken because I wanted some of the delicious appetizers. Cynthia ,caring enough to notice we weren’t there, had pulled aside an entire platter of them for the wedding party!! We had left over deserts and without our asking (busy hugging/thanking everyone) Cynthia had her workers get some trays and walk the deserts around to all the guests that had filtered back into the cocktail room and outside.

I didn’t mean for this review to be so long, in short Cynthia went above my already high hopes and I would absolutely recommend her to a friend.”

- Mike M.

“We worked closely with Cynthia for several months in preparation for our July 2016 wedding reception at the IU Auditorium in Bloomigton, IN. We can’t say enough wonderful things about Cynthia’s service and expertise. Every other caterer we spoke with in town pales in comparison to Cynthia and her staff.

The food: Simply put, our wedding reception food was incredible. Every bite was full of flavor and seasoned to perfection . One thing you should know about Cynthia is that she is obsessed with maintaining the integrity of the food she is serving. Sometimes that means that certain dishes may be served at room temperature to maintain the vibrancy and flavor. Our appetizers (crostini with goat cheese and brucetta and mini potatoes with Greek yogurt) were a huge hit, along with the tri tip beef, baked pasta and fresh veggies with homemade dipping sauces. I can’t forget to mention the sweet potatoes…my friends texted me the next morning mentioning how yummy they were!

Service: During the cocktail hour, reception, and dance time she meticulously catered to our guests (and us!) and went above and beyond. Our consultations and email exchanges were very clear and pleasant. She created our menu on the spot, and was very receptive to our preferences wth little direction. When most caterers would have packed up and left, Cynthia’s staff stayed until the bitter end serving bite sized desserts to guests far after dinner/reception had concluded. During the planning phase, we loved that Cynthia let us try tiny samplings of her food before putting in a deposit, giving us our first glimpse into her love of hosting and feeding people.

Our guests raved about the food after the wedding, making our special day that much more memorable! I highly recommend Cynthia for both small and large scale events.”

- Kyrsten S.

“Cynthia catered our wedding and it was wonderful! We had wedding in the height of summer and I had a vision for a light, Mediterranean menu full of bright flavors and lots of fresh food. Cynthia brought these ideas to life with her creative menu planning. From passed hors d’ouvres to a beautiful buffet dinner to a spread of mini desserts and a wedding cake, everything was on point. The whole process was easy and low-stress. Cynthia helped us to coordinate rentals and decorating, going above and beyond her duties as caterer.  We attend a lot of weddings and have never enjoyed a wedding meal as much as our own. We highly recommend Cynthia Moriarty catering.”

- Kathleen C.

“Cynthia catered our wedding in Bloomington, IN in July 2014. So why am I writing this review now, three years later? O ur guests–to this day–continue to rave about the food at our wedding. When we go to other weddings with our guests, the familiar mantra is: “This food is okay/meh/dry/boring/flavorless. The food at your wedding was amazing.” For months after the wedding, I was fielding recipe requests from guests. When was the last time you went to a wedding reception and thought, “I MUST have the recipe for this”? Cynthia was wonderful throughout the entire process and her staff was impeccable. The food was fresh, flavorful, inventive, healthy and absolutely perfect for the setting. We were melting during a 90+ degree day and had thankfully selected a light, Mediterranean-style menu that Cynthia helped us create. During our first meeting with Cynthia, she explained the limitations of our venue (no oven) and provided suggestions for menu options that would work well served cold or at room temperature. We were just a tad skeptical at first, but the end result was flawless. When food is cooked, cooled, reheated, warmed, served, then brought to a table (by which point it is cold again), it takes on a new character, and not necessarily a great one. We were treated to real, wholesome food (e.g., the green beans served at our wedding were picked from Cynthia’s garden the day before). We could not have been more pleased with the entire experience.”

- Michele S.

“Thank you for a simply fabulous evening. As I said to you, I am torn between which received greater rave reviews: you or the food!  Everyone loved it and I continue to run into guests who have written and called already but are still falling all over themselves to thank us. I know that the thanks are due to you but am flattered that I get to be the one to pass them along to you.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”

- Amanda & Andrea

“The cake and the dinner were really superb! Everyone I see talks about it with wonder and awe. And I thought it was perfect, as did Rachael. Thanks so much for your cooperation and all the hard work to get it out there and present it so beautifully. I hope to see you again and to enjoy your fantastic specialties in more leisure at some future date. You really confirmed your extraordinary reputation.”

- Beverly

“Thanks to you and your staff for helping to make our June garden wedding such a success.  It was hard having to make choices from your extensive menu but our guests appreciated the choices we made. The hors d’oeuvres were excellent and our guests raved about the beef satay and the sweet and sour grilled shrimp. Being a vegetarian, my favorite was the Szechuan noodle salad. And the poppy seed cake looked so lovely with the fresh flowers.  You and your staff were a pleasure to work with, gracious to our guests, and, although we are not planning another wedding!  I hope to be able to work with you again.”

- Shirley