“Cynthia did a wonderful job at my daughter’s wedding. The food was delicious. A relative who is a sophisticated foodie from a big city just kept saying that she couldn’t believe we had food that wonderful and well prepared “in Bloomington”! And all of the guests kept saying how great the food was! Cynthia helped us select a well coordinated menu, did a great job on a beautiful cake, and was very professional. She and her staff were very friendly (e.g., helped the vegetarian and vegan guests and those with allergies to find the dishes that they could eat; circulated appetizers constantly; kept tables well stocked’ etc.),. Cynthia was so helpful (e.g., visited the venue with us for final planning, to make sure everything ran smoothly). Everything was presented beautifully. But the MAIN thing is that the food was delicious and all the guests agreed on that!”

- Amy H.

“We couldn’t have been more impressed with both Cynthia and her delicious creations. We received emails weeks after our wedding from guests raving about how great the food was. She tailors a menu to each couple, and her food is always fresh and colorful. We had a hard time choosing because everything we tried was so tasty! I would highly recommend Cynthia!”

- Corinna C.

“I recently attended a wedding that was catered by Cynthia Moriarty Catering, and it was hands-down the best dining experience that I’ve ever had at a wedding. As a long-time vegan, I usually dread wedding meals – I almost always end up with a few wilted vegetables and a stack of eggplant. Inevitably, I end up hungry, grouchy, and confused as to why people think that all a vegan wants is a pile of unseasoned vegetables. Cynthia Moriarty, however, worked closely with my friends (the bride and groom) to make sure that I had a delicious vegan option at their wedding. “Delicious” doesn’t do my meal justice – the tofu stuffed shells were full of flavor and protein, very filling, and thoughtfully prepared. My friend told Cynthia about my food preferences (no eggplant please, every meal should have protein, etc.), and my meal met every one of my criteria. The meal truly exceeded every expectation that I could have had, and I had to hold myself back from licking the plate clean. Because I choose to be vegan, I accept that meals at events like weddings are most often going to be less-than-appetizing. Cynthia Moriarty, however, has proven that that doesn’t have to be the case, and I hope that other caterers will start to be as deliciously accommodating to vegans in the future.”

- Heidi J.

“I hired Cynthia Moriarty to cater my wedding in Brown County State Park. I had interviewed six different caterers and Cynthia ended up sharing our same outlooks on food. I knew right away that she was going to be the caterer for us. She was an utter joy to work with throughout the entire process. She listened to our ideas and found us a variety of delicious and creative options to fit our budget. The food turned out spectacular and was completely customized for both our location (no kitchen) and guest list (carnivores, omnivores, vegans, and etc). The food was the topic of many conversations to be had for many nights to come. I can’t recommend Cynthia enough.”

- Frank R.

“My partner and I had scheduled Cynthia to cater our wedding but about 3 months out we decided to cancel our reception here and move it to CA with the re-legalization of gay marriage there. She was absolutely wonderful throughout the process and so supportive and understanding about the change. I am disappointed that all of our loved ones will not get to experience Cynthia’s wonderful food! It is FANTASTIC! You can tell that she loves what she does and is fabulous at meeting couples where they are at and finding dishes that match their likes. SO WONDERFUL. I can not recommend her enough and for those looking for a gay-friendly caterer, she is that and SO MUCH MORE!”

- Mo C.

I’ve never had such an impressive experience with a caterer, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Bloom B.

“Cynthia catered my wedding in October 2012. Not only is she an amazing cook, but she also works with you like you’re a close friend . I am American and my wife is Chinese, so we sat down and talked for quite a while about what sort of dishes we wanted for the wedding and how to serve them family style, like they do in China. We exchanged cookbooks, and Cynthia even invited us to her kitchen where we were able to try a few different versions of the chicken dish and offer our own feedback.

On the day of Cynthia brought herself and a team of happy, enthusiastic, and efficient staff. They were on top of things throughout the whole day, from set up to hors d’oeuvres to serving dinner to clean up . One of the dishes we made was based on a dish native to my wife’s father’s hometown. My wife’s parents were very impressed with Cynthia’s version, as well as with her lemongrass beef satay and coconut milk curry with tofu. However, the party favorite was her Schezuan style noodles, from the Chinese parents to the Kentucky and Indiana relatives, to the two-year old Milwaukee relatives!

She is a true designer and there is no one else we would rather have catered our special day. Thank you, Cynthia!”

- Burlington W.