Menu Design

“You listened to what I wanted and made amazing embellishments and suggestions of which I could never have dreamed.”

“I started planning my reception knowing what I wanted, but with no idea of how to get there.  Cynthia helped me work out a practical menu that fit all my impractical desires!”

Designing the menu for your wedding reception might seem like a huge task, especially if you’re trying to accommodate different food tastes.  Let’s say your fiance’s family is all meat and potatoes.  You’re a vegetarian.  Your mother is allergic to garlic, and your maid of honor is gluten intolerant.  It can be complicated, but it’s all fun.  My job is to hear what you have in mind, and present you with possibilities.  We can hammer out a menu that meets everybody’s needs.  But we won’t stop there.

Our goal is to surprise and delight your guests.  In designing the menu we’ll consider taste, texture, color and calories.  Continuity of flavors is important.  The food should taste even better than it looks.  There will be something for everyone, and even conservative eaters will savor traditional foods prepared in new ways.  My versatile repertoire will make menu design as much a pleasure for you as it is for me.

Click Here to see a sample menu.