I think of my catering company as an extension of my home kitchen, where family and friends gather to eat healthy and delicious food; a place where people feel taken care of and comfortable.  In planning your party, it is my job to help you focus on and enjoy your celebration, knowing that the details are being handled by your caterer.  My goal is to hear what you want, to help you navigate the planning process, and to ensure that your event flows smoothly from beginning to end.

Simple tools, Simple ingredients, Beautiful food.

My favorite food is completely simple, reflecting the quality and beauty of fresh ingredients.  I cook according to the seasons, using local and organic ingredients when possible.  I balance rich foods with less rich, and harmonize flavors.  My food is simple, straightforward, beautiful, and delicious.  Every bite worth eating.


I began my culinary career by training as a French pastry chef at Rudi’s Bakery in Boston.  In 1985, I won a Julia Child Fellowship to study cooking in France.  I worked and studied for a year in Paris at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine, working side by side with French chefs, acting as translator and assistant.  My catering business has grown over the past twenty years from a party now and then to a busy schedule of weddings, dinner parties, receptions, and beautiful cakes.